Business is all about relationships

Building authentic and sustainable relationships increases value creation and profitability.

At Lysna we ask relevant questions, listen and then discover the answers together. Our goal is to shift our mindsets to create a better tomorrow. Read through the examples below to see how we can help you strengthen your Business Development.
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Helping your team build strong customer relationships

  • When you look carefully, do some of your salespeople struggle to develop strong customer relations where they can challenge the customer and build a sustainable business? 
Many highly skilled salespeople find it difficult to sell, often because value creation is not embedded in personal meaning making. 
No doubt, it is good to train skills but just be aware, the salespersons’ belief system needs to link value creation with selling too. 
“Lysna supported us in seeing that people take on roles, but they do not necessarily know the roles they are taking on. Some liked the roles and some hated the roles, but this process helped to organise the team and bring the best energy and people together at the right time so that we can win.”
Sales director Nedap Retail

Aligning your promise with what you deliver

In customer journeys, cooperation and collaboration are hard and create an obvious misalignment between the value you promise and what you deliver. This leaves customers feeling disappointed.
  • How much does this cost you in frustration, job pleasure and profits? 
  • Will you allow it to continue?
The customer decision-making process is increasingly complex. 
The truth is, not many understand it fully – not just in sales and marketing but across all teams involved in creating value throughout the customer journey.
“Potential customers are now calling me to get my perspective on their situation! In a Lysna workshop we worked on my personal barriers in a very safe way. The whole team helped me to sharpen my self-image. They showed me that I have it in me to be an equal and valuable discussion partner for customers. So valuable!
Key Account and Partner manager 

Positioning yourself as a trusted partner and advisor

  • Are you capable of connecting and creating relationships so strong that customers turn to you as a trusted partner and advisor?
When your solution is implemented, how do you stay connected with your customers and their changing needs and motives?
Research shows that customers want you to listen to them. 
Turn your relationship from project- and task-focused to one that is centred on human connection
“ In the Lysna Prospecting workshop I experienced that prospecting is about being me, reaching out to others with the value I believe in. It is also about connecting and being curious about where the prospect is. We put the concepts directly into practice by making the cold calls with prospects. Adding skills like these is truly relevant for me and my future career.”
sales engineer, Delmic