Lysna’s raison d’être

We are in this world to create more people-centred, sustainable, and meaningful workplaces. 
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Why our customers come back

Firstly, we truly listen. This makes a real impact and it’s something we consider to be a special ‘Lysna spice’.
For 25 years we have cared for our customers on their journeys towards sustainable growth. Customers say that we ask tough questions – that help them learn and grow.

We bond deeply and stay connected, even when the change is tough. This is another Lysna spice.

How we work

We aim to connect, truly listen, support and challenge.

What we provide

We offer organisations, leaders and teams research-based, practical and proven models and tools.

What you see

Our models and tools allow people to grow, experience more joy, and see sustainable results. These can be seen in work and in life.

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Get to know our team and connect. We can't wait to meet you!

Marianne Bredgaard Karlsson

'Marianne is innovative and a natural change driver. In a co-creating, caring and pragmatic way, she leads sustainable and ambitious change initiatives.'
 +45 212 54 999

Saskia Haafkes

'Saskia inspires and creates movement by connecting and stimulating questions. Her calm and challenging approach leads to the core matters.' 
 +31 651 281 981

Get to know us better

Marianne Bredgaard Karlsson
Saskia Haafkes
Janet Curran
Frederik Bredgaard
Stefan van Heugten

Marianne Bredgaard Karlsson

Sustainably driving learning, change and growth

‘People who actively seek potential in themselves, other people and processes and who take responsibility for realising this potential – are true leaders.’
Being able to navigate the leadership domain is pivotal for success. That's why I dedicate my energy to vision, team and leadership development. I address challenges with the aim to create meaningful learning, collaboration and growth. This is probably why I am called for as a ‘sparring partner’ and advisor for leaders and teams.

I know what not being in a psychological safe environment is about. I faced the consequences as a child: I had difficulty learning and bonding deeply with friends. I later promised to do my utmost to ‘master secure bases’. I recognise that sometimes the bravest thing you can do is show up!

I am doing my best to foster and support leaders to create settings where people thrive, laugh, and love being innovative – to celebrate great outcomes created by true teamwork.
  +45 212 54 999

My motto:

‘When you have power, let decency and humanity be your main companions, not in words, but in deed.’

Saskia Haafkes

Igniting joy, connection and performance

'Happiness depends upon ourselves.’ (Aristotle) 
Life is about listening deeply to self and others. It is about getting in touch with your aspirations and acting, learning, progressing and letting go to become the best ‘you’ there possibly is in this world. While enjoying the process.

I grew up as a shy girl with a backbone of steel (according to friends) and a strong drive to find my place in the world. Now, after a journey of 25 years in sales, consulting and coaching, combined with valuable personal development programmes, it is obvious that there is plenty of place and that the world desperately needs a large variety of qualities. I have also found that we need to meet the right people to support and challenge us.

I am highly committed to supporting organisations, teams and leaders in creating a fertile environment for people to embrace their qualities and connect to others so that people, teams, customers and organisations can thrive! As your secure base, I will care for you and dare you!
  +31 651 281 981

My motto:

‘Listen, learn and grow.’

Frederik Bredgaard

Building safe environments and secure, trusting relationships

As a speciality area, I do behavioural and psychological analyses for teams and individuals to improve their decision-making, team processes, and relationships.

My knowledge and understanding of decision-making, group dynamics and genuine human relationships allow me to advise teams and push them towards better performance – while feeling good about it.

My time in competitive sports has taught me that to do well sustainably you have to feel good, too. It also taught me that hard work is close to worthless if it is not also smart work. These are the principles I strive to bring into the business world: introspection, smart decision-making, and genuine relationships.

I am doing my best to make work personal and safe, fight taboo, and encourage conversation and personal commitment.
  +45 423 70 633

What others say:

Frederik is very sharp analytical and sees behavioural patterns that groups do not notice themselves. His brain carries tons of evidence that he relevantly brings to others in an easy understandable and humorous way, leaving the group both challenged and in a great state.

Stefan van Heugten

Create your own meaningful and fun work environment

“The goal is not simply to ‘work hard, play hard.’ The goal is to make our work and our play indistinguishable.” – Simon Sinek
I have over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry and have held various positions in leading global companies. My experience lies in the field of management and coaching. Mostly in the medical device industry, focusing on team development, sales force excellence and commercial execution.

My BHAG was always about the human factor becoming our USP, leading to being the best place to work. In the current labor situation this objective is proving its relevance. Reaching it will relieve you from exhausting hiring processes and outflow of talented employees.

I will support you to create a workplace where people can do what they like most, anticipate on their terms, combined with a common objective: to be successful as a team!

What others say about him: 'Stefan enables real change and growth in teams and organisations - through curiosity, listening, asking, creating different perspectives and an critical open mind.’

My motto:

‘Pick the right environment,
work with pleasure,
success will follow!’ 

Janet Curran, co-founder Lysna and partner

Create your own meaningful and fun work environment

My passion is helping people to listen in to discover what really makes them shine. As well as inspiring them and strengthening them to walk tall and face their challenges.

What I have discovered in my own life journey is that authentic listening lies at the core of everything. And it starts by being able to listen in to the voice inside ourselves. To its fears and hopes and dreams. Conquering the fears is the real challenge.

But once we face our fears we can come to realise that there is not really anything to be frightened of. Then we have the freedom and opportunity to live as our authentic selves and achieve our true potential.Learning to accept whatever comes as “it is what it is” and to take the lessons from what life is trying to teach us is how we can find wonder and beauty in each new day.

My motto:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Our partners


'Janet is a sharp analyst and a real secure base. She triggers with her questions and drives for continuous improvement.'


'Frederik is smart and his brain carries tons of evidence that he relevantly serves in an easy understandable and humorous way.'


'Stefan enables real change and growth in teams and organisations -  through curiosity, listening, asking, creating different perspectives and an critical open mind.'