Go further together

An environment that allows for true teamwork fosters innovation and productivity. 

At Lysna we ask relevant questions, listen and then discover the answers together. Our goal is to shift our mindsets to create a better tomorrow. Read through the examples below to see how we can help you strengthen your Teamwork.
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How do you relate to the following?

Fostering connection with your team

People leave companies because of their bosses, yes. But they also leave teams without real connection.
  • How well are you connected with your team?
  • Which issues do you see arising from a lack of connection?
Do you talk about ‘retaining’ employees? This can sound like something negative, like an attachment.
Rather talk about ‘connecting’ with people – this is a prerequisite for real collaboration
“Teambuilding with combined fun and professional exercises got us closer together and formed a base for building trust”
Malene, ceo, international healthcare company 

Creating psychological safety

  • How do you see the link between having psychological safety and people flourishing; genuine collaboration and high performance?
“It is an ongoing journey. Step by step. Now we are seeing the changes - and it is just working;  you can see the happiness. You can just feel that energy, the ideas, and the connectivity together as a team.”
ceo malene petersen, resmed

Improving team communication 

In your team, do you feel frustrated when:
  • Everyday tasks that are not performed well? 
  • There is a lack of communication?
  • When trust is lacking?
  • When people avoid taking responsibility? 
It is important that a team's engine – its weekly routines and processes – run smoothly
Are you aware how important good communication is to achieving this?
“It became very practical during team communication analysis: what are the team dynamics, who are the 'leaders', who supports who - and that we didn't make enough commitments. We learned that taking ownership is concretely saying 'I do...', and daring to do it even if you are not 100% sure how to carry out the task, because we need to trust the support will be there. So, no more excuses!”
hr manager and ceo of logistic services, denmark