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How to build a Strong Magnetic Organisational Core

How to infuse and align energy at work by creating a meaningful core.
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Meaningful Purpose

Attracting great people and desirable customers


Clear direction - build the future people want to help create


Set objectives and make sure ressources are in place 


Behavioural guidelines that forms your culture
We spent two days with Marianne defining our organisational core and finding common ground on how 'non hierarchic' we want to be. We see the difference in how to attract new talent. Having a meaningful purpose, a set of values to guide our behaviours and an ambitious vision for the coming years is powerful! More great people choose us over well-known larger companies - and that makes a difference in a world where we are competing for talent.
CEO, Research & professional services

Marianne Bredgaard Karlsson

Marianne is your guide when it comes to creating a strong, magnetic core.
She has many years of experience within sustainable business growth, leadership and is a visionary driver of change.   

Marianne can help you freeing up energy, creating common ground, and building human friendly organisations where people collaboratively achieves extraordinary results.