CUSTOMER STORY: ENSURING IMPACT and sustainable living

Creating a strong Core

What is the result of being a very visionary CEO  and founder and at the same time a specialist who is eager to create vast impact with your own projects?
Having your hands full would not be overstating facts! 
"When you are overworked you tend to make bad decisions in your life in general. Such as not eating a healthy diet and driving the car instead of walking or biking to work."

- CEO, research & advisory company

So what happened?

Our initial talks were about creating a more ‘people sustainable’ work culture for everyone in the company.

We wanted to create a work culture in which people can develop their potential and be so productive that they can still have time and energy to live a sustainable life.
Within two workshop days this dedicated leadership team formed the magnetic core of the company, making it crystal clear:
  • why we exist
  • from where we come
 and to where we want to head 
  • how to get there in a way that the process is creative, enjoyable, and effective



Scaling a company with two founders to an SME—bringing the energy, history, and original purpose into the future...

Making sure all employees bring and further develop their unique competences while still as a whole remaining true to an ambitious vision.

Creating a cohesive culture when people are spread around the country and we mainly meet virtually.



In an intense couple of days we managed to create and finalise:
  • Organisational timeline – visualising the story until now
  • Purpose – sensing and articulating the raison d’être of our next decade 
  • Values – our culture into words, then translating them into everyday behaviours 
  • Vision - agreeing on direction and BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for the next three years


We all feel rooted in our 10+ year story, recognising who built the foundations. The bridge between the past and the future resonates.
Being confident, in all cells of our bodies, about our ‘raison d’être’ make us a stronger, more decisive, and productive leadership team.
Now we know what we do not need to do, we are clear on priorities and we agree on how we treat each other on our way to achieving our ambitious goals.